What can we do for you?


We make your product or service shine- individually and according to your wishes.

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Your company impressively presented – we find the right images for classic image films, your employer branding, recruiting and your corporate culture.

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Explainer Videos

Complex facts or services explained easily for the customer – we set trends with our modern explanatory films

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Virtual experiences in VR and AR

Dive into virtual worlds, as virtual, mixed or augmented reality. We take you and your customers on fantastic journeys – making virtual encounters at eye level possible.

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Live broadcasts

You have an important event (townhall, customer event, conference, etc.) that needs to be broadcast live? We would be happy to take on this task.

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Customizable films

VirtualCampaign turns one film into many individual films with just one click. We are happy to present this tool to you personally. Modular and scalable.


Project steps

We love beautiful pictures. But even more important is the story behind them. That’s why research and analysis stand in the very beginning of every project. We start with the process of development only when we have all the necessary information about emotions and facts. The result: a custom-fit concept for your film or animation. And then, of course, it’s all about beautiful, meaningful images.

Professionalism, motivation, concentration and fun are important pillars of our work on set. Creating images that stick – that’s how we use our expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

In post-production, the film takes shape; individual parts become the big picture.

Depending on the project, a wide variety of tools are used here, from classic editing programs to real live engines.

…is entirely up to you.

But we will also accompany you the day after tomorrow. Because we prefer to work with you in the long term and support you in translating your visions and further developments into meaningful and performing images.